Welcome !

My name is Harm (44), and I live in the Netherlands,
together with my girlfriend and our cat Siep.

Technology and problem solving is embedded in my DNA.
Playing with the dad's Philips EE series electronics set and soldering my first circuits at the age of 8,
I've been involved in technology ever since.
With 36 years of experience in electronics, of which almost 25 years of professional experience,
I apply an out of the box no nonsense approach, and always try to solve complex problems with the most simple solutions.


With this website I want to show you what I do with my spare time.
But most of all, I want to inspire you to create, because almost anything is possible if you use your imagination.


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When I was just a little boy, many moons ago, my interest in technology soon became clear.

I had a lot of Lego Technics as a kid, I've built and flew model airplanes for over 20 years, made large stunt kites, built computers and arcade cabinets, did some masonry, welding and plumbing, created computer programs and designed websites and 3D graphics, worked on (classic) mopeds and motorcycles, helped my best friend with his British V8 sports car, and I've even started making maille armor about 12 years ago.
Yeah... I like to keep busy   ;-)

I got possessed with the voodoo hocus pocus of electricity quite early in life. My dad had a Philips EE2010 electronics set, and together we built the projects in the book. I think I soldered my first circuit when I was about 8 years old.
So the most obvious choice was to start studying electronics, but that turned out a bit different than expected.

I never liked school. For me learning from books is very difficult.
So when I was about 20 years old, I decided to quit school and to find a job.

After working as an assistant systems administrator at an art school for several months, I got the opportunity to start working for a laptop manufacturer, repairing the laptop motherboards at a component level. Here I developed my electronic skills even more, troubleshooting complex circuits and soldering tiny little SMD components. Within the first year I was the main guy to go to with the more difficult failures. This even lead to becoming a junior product engineer for this same company a few years later.
I've had many different jobs over the years, from testing and troubleshooting x-ray machines to repairing industrial electronics.
And with every job learning and developing myself to become better.

But I think I've learned to most at home. The most exiting thing I've learned was the use of PIC microcontrollers about 13 years ago.
I already had a lot of experience programming, so it was not that difficult to learn the PIC Basic language.
But the possibilities of simply cramming some lines of code into a single chip opened up a whole new world for me.
Now I could easily make much more complex circuits, communicate with machines and other components using I²C, RS232 or USB communication, and even build robots.

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Work in progress

Bobber motorcycle project
Rebuilding a motorcycle and give it classic bobber looks
Atari 2600 multi game cartridge
Multi game cartridge with bank switching for the classic Atari 2600 game console
Maille armor hauberk
A maille armor shirt called a hauberk
6 servo walking biped robot
An autonomous walking robot with 6 servo's

Finished projects

Project iCat
Yanked the guts out of an old Apple iMac G3 to make a cat bed.
Escape proof garden
Made the garden escape proof because our cat refuses to wear a harness.
I²C projects
Several projects with I²C communication
Raspberry Pi power supply
An ATX style power supply for the Raspberry Pi
Classic Triumph motorcycle
Restore and modify a classic 1973 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle
TTL converters
A few TTL converters
Atari 2600 modification
Modified the audio/video output of the classic Atari 2600 gaming console
MSX Arcade
An Arcade cabinet made with an original MSX home computer
LEGO Mindstorms projects
Several projects for the Lego Mindstorms robots
Maille jewelry
Jewelry made from maille
Ant weight battle bot
A battle robot in the Ant weight class
Maille armor coif
A maille armor head piece called a coif
4 servo walking biped robot
A simple walking robot with 4 servo's
Robotics prototype board
16 output and 4 input robotics protytype board with IR control
Servo tester
A automatic/manual tester for servo's
Humidity bathroom fan
Modified the bathroom fan with a humidity sensor
LED projects
Several projects using LED's
One servo walker
A simple walking robot with only one servo
Homemade power supply
An adjustable 30V/4A power supply



Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about one of my projects, or if you need help with one of yours.

I will NOT however provide a complete solution for free.
Other than that, I'm always willing to help out, and give you a nudge in the right direction.

I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible...

Website: https://www.hvandeven.com
Linkedin: harm-van-de-ven-a530a0136
YouTube: skalturatilburg
GitHub: hvandeven